Charming room ``Arpège``

Charming room ``Sous le saule``

Room on private terrace ``La roseraie``



Artists on the Way, Artistic exhibition

From May 1st to end of October 2019. Free admission.
Agapé of the Gers. Locality Lasserre de Haut. 32250 Montreal of the Gers.

Exhibition of paintings, watercolours, photos and poems of artists from different countries who have travelled the Way of Saint Jacques de Compostela, along the route that passes Agapé du Gers.

Through the artwork to be presented, this exhibition will illustrate different views of a multi-national group of artists, poets and photographers who were moved and inspired during their journey to by the beauty of the multiple landscapes that make up the Way. They all have the same wonder and wish to share it with us through this exhibition.

Access free.